Thursday, 23 April 2009

Getting Involved Part II - Nature Walk

2. Go for a Walk with a Camera & Notebook

Wherever you are head off for a walk. Keep your eyes peeled for every little sign of nature, even in the city centre. I have seen wild snap dragons growing on the roof of a plastic bag factory and ferns in the roof of a station. Take photos, make notes and share on your blog or a blog dedicated to urban nature.

If you are in country do the same, really stop and examine where you are, sit down and get to ground level, look for insects, smell the smells, avoid cowpats, close your eyes and listen to the birds singing and again take pictures and make notes.

Wherever you have been, when you get home get out a field guide and try and identify what you have seen. If you are having trouble there are various fora dedicated to helping you ID your sightings.

Forums & ID Guides

Insects & other Invertebrates


Sadly the excellent forum on this site has been hacked.

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